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With the EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ you’ll be able to leave the salt in the kitchen where it belongs.

You are noticing scaling and buildup on your showerheads and faucets. You can’t seem to lather soap. Your glasses are coming out of the dishwasher looking cloudy. Your water heater isn’t working the way it used to. Do any of these ring true to you? Hang on – we have the solution you need.

First, a little background. The reason any of these issues are occurring in your home might be hard water running through the pipes. Scale, or mineral depositing, results from hard water. The scale clings to things, specifically the inside of the household pipes, which will slow down the water flow. It also reduces the ability of soap to lather. One more negative consequence is that it can form deposits on glassware, silverware, bathtubs, shower doors and chrome fixtures.

The remedy — EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™. It’s all in the name. This water treatment system uses no salt and requires no maintenance. You’re going to be amazed at the difference it will make. Plus, you’re doing a really good thing for your plumbing.

What makes this system different? First of all, the EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ is not a water softener; it’s a water conditioning system. Salt softeners soften water through a process called “ion exchange”. This takes the healthy and beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium out of the water and replaces them with twice the amount of sodium. It’s the sodium that gives the softened water that slippery feel. This does help control scale build-up but you should know it doesn’t completely put a stop to it, and it doesn’t get rid of the scale that is already there.

Here’s how the EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ works. It is designed to change the shape of hard water minerals, and the way they behave, by removing their electrostatic charge. This eliminates whatever scale may have accumulated and will prevent any new scale from forming.

There are many benefits to installing an EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™. These include:

  • Increased probability that appliances will last the lifetime specified by the manufacturer
  • Appliances are able to work to their full capacity
  • No additional money needs to be spent on salt or chemicals
  • Maintenance free – there is no salt to add, no settings to adjust and no filters to change
  • Environmentally friendly – no salt or chemicals are released into wastewater, which eventually supplies aquifers and other freshwater sources