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If the Name Fits... And it Does

Science has done much to ease the strain of keeping a house clean. There are more cleaners and products available than ever. However, many of these modern-day cleaners contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment and you and your family. Plus, they are destructive to pipes.

Some of these chemicals cause toxic fumes, some can cause burns, and some eat away at pipes. If you have a septic system you need to know that when some of these chemicals enter the system they can prove to be too powerful for the naturally occurring biodegradable process and either slow it down or bring it to a halt. This results in a build-up of waste, which can lead to other problems.

This all sounds pretty ominous. But we are also becoming more environmentally conscious and there are things we can do to help the environment and keep our family a little safer. Using Bio-Clean is one way to help.

Bio-Clean is a product that is made from enzymes and bacteria. These aren’t genetically engineered; they are natural and specifically selected for the job they were designed to do. Bio- Clean “eats” organic waste while having no impact on inorganic materials such as pipes.

Bio- Clean isn’t toxic. No heat, fumes, or boiling result from using it. It won’t harm you or the environment. As a matter of fact, part of the work Bio-Clean causes the waste to change into carbon dioxide and mineral ash which is harmless and can be used by plant life.