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Problems with the pipes? McNeill Plumbing can find the cause with a sewer camera inspection.

Many factors go into ensuring that your home is running smoothly. One of these is the condition of your pipes. It’s essential that they are in good, working condition so fresh water can be brought into your home and waste water can be disposed of properly. When a problem arises such as a leak or clog, not only does it inconvenience you, it can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money.

If your sewer line becomes damaged, it must be repaired. In some cases it may need to be replaced but before you dig up your yard call McNeill Plumbing to make that determination. We use a sewer line video process to inspect the pipes. These inspections can help find the cause of the problem which may be due to:


  • roots that infiltrate the lines resulting in damage to the pipes or decreasing the flow,
  • corrosion which can cause the line to collapse,
  • broken or cracked pipes,
  • leaking joints, or
  • offset joints.

Using a video process to inspect the pipes eliminates the guesswork as to the cause of the problem. This cutting edge technology employs a small, fiber optic video line that is threaded through the drain pipe. This allows us to pinpoint even the smallest cracks or other causes of the problem. From there we make recommendations about the best way to resolve the problem.

There are situations when McNeill Plumbing should perform a sewer camera inspection for you even if you aren’t experiencing any problems. For example, if you are in the process of buying a new home a camera inspection will give you important information.  Even though the disclosure statement may state that the current owner is not aware of any sewer problems you can be reassured with an inspection. This will help you avoid a surprise expense if you do purchase the house. Also, yearly inspections are a proactive measure you can take to decrease the potential of expensive problems developing.

Whether you suspect a problem or you are taking precautionary measures, call McNeill Plumbing at 850-270-2038. With us you can feel confident that you will receive quality customer service that addresses your specific needs.