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City Water Problems

It seems to be a natural thing that everyone expects. You turn on the faucet in any room in your home and you expect that the water flowing from it will be clean, odorless, and have a pleasant taste. For many people, their water source comes from the city. And the city follows many regulations to ensure that the water is safe. However, there are circumstances that can impact the water. Some factors regarding that water source which could be affecting you and your family include:

Water quality:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the water by testing it for about 90 toxins. However, there are over 84,000 chemicals that can be in public water that aren’t tested for by the EPA. Your drinking water may contain chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, rocket fuel perchlorate, and even chromium 6.*

*Jackson, Lisa (Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency). Testimony to the Senate, Committee on Environment and Public Works, February 2, 2011.

Chorine and byproducts:
Chlorine and chloramines are actually added to city water to decrease the amount of bacteria. Basically, this is a good preventative. The problem with this is that these chemicals can react with other types of contaminants and pesticides that are in the water and can result in dangerous byproducts. When you shower or bathe these byproducts can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin and cause health problems.

Taste and odor:
Here too, chlorine is a common culprit. This can make the water smell like a swimming pool and cause it to have an unpleasant taste. It can also be drying to your skin.

Hard water:
This is a problem for several reasons. First, its effects are seen. Stains form on countertops and in showers. Glassware may look like it has a film on it. Hard water makes it more difficult for soap to lather. Even bigger problems can result. Hard water results from a buildup of calcium and magnesium that form a sticky substance called scale. The accumulation of scale in the pipes can cause clogs. This causes appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers to run less efficiently or break down altogether.

Bacteria and viruses:
Although measures are taken to control bacteria, malfunctions such as waterline breaks can occur and result in contamination of the water. In addition, there are many other pathogens that aren’t affected by the chemicals cities use. These bacteria can affect your health and cause diseases such as dysentery, hepatitis, giardiasis, and even typhoid.

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