How Bio-Clean Works and How to Use

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Clogged pipes – a plumbing situation that at some point is just going to happen. It might be the kitchen sink, or the toilet, or the bathtub. It doesn’t matter; you’ve got a mess on your hands. So your first impulse is to either use the plunger or some type of chemical that you need to be careful not to let burn you or hurt your lungs when you breathe it. That was before you knew about Bio-Clean.


Bio-Clean is different from other plumbing products. It goes to the source of the problem and eliminates it instead of just temporarily fixing it the way that plunger or chemical product does. Bio-Clean contains natural bacteria and enzymes that “eat” or “digest” organic wastes like cotton, sewage, hair, and grease. However, the bacteria in Bio-Clean do not eat anything inorganic, like the pipes. With regular use Bio-Clean will keep things “running” smoothly.
A little biology lesson to help you understand how this can be so. Animal and vegetable wastes are “biodegraded” or broken down by enzymes and bacteria in nature. Bio-Clean mimics nature and basically does the same thing, with the added bonus of being able to digest chemicals and other wastes that naturally occurring bacteria can’t handle. The waste is food for the bacteria and the enzymes’ job is to break the large molecules that make up the waste into “bite-size” pieces for the bacteria. The final result is that these wastes are turned into carbon dioxide and mineral ash which are actually usable for plant life.

Waste accumulates in your pipes causing slow, or even clogged drains.

Within days BIO-CLEAN begins to eat through the gunk, restoring drain flow to full capacity.

Monthly BIO-CLEAN treatments will keep your drains clean and trouble-free.

Bio-Clean outperforms chemical products because bacteria in Bio-Clean eliminate the waste that chemical products can’t. This I because the chemicals run along the bottom of pipes so that is where their effect is. Bio-Clean, on the other hand, defies gravity and can get to the entire pipe. In addition, in vertical pipes, the chemicals run through so quickly, they don’t do a thorough job even in the part of the pipe they make contact with. PLUS, those chemicals only fix the problem temporarily. Bio-Clean can resolve the problem. So what happens to this powerhouse gunk killer? Eventually, as the waste is eaten and eliminated the bacteria actually turn on themselves and cannibalize.
Bio-clean is sold in a dry form and the bacteria and enzymes are inactive in this state. When you add water to Bio-Clean they “wake up” and get to work. As the bacteria eat, they will double in number very quickly. They will continue to do so until they have eaten all the organic waste.
Bio-Clean is simple to use. First, remember it’s completely safe. You don’t have to open windows, you don’t have to keep the kids out, it’s not caustic. You don’t even need to wear gloves.
Bio-Clean comes in a dry form.  Just a side note, this keeps the product stable; it can last for years on the shelf. Okay, so you’ll read the directions for specifics, but basically you’ll be adding warm water to it which “wakes up” the bacteria and enzymes and they’ll get to work really quick.
Depending on the job, you’ll be asked not to use the drain or flush the toilet for a period of time.  The reason for this is to give the bacteria a chance to adhere to all sides of the pipes and embed themselves in the waste. This way they are not washed away.
If Bio-Clean is used on a regular basis, organic wastes will not build-up and all will run smoothly through your pipes.