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So Many Uses – Oh Yes You Can!

Bio-Clean is one of those products that have so many uses. Take it into any room with a drain and it can be used there.  It will clean the shower drain that has slowed down due to hair and soap scum. It will work on that toilet drain to get it working the way it did when it was new. Use it in the kitchen to work on the build-up that has accumulated in the garbage disposal and sink drain. If you have a septic tank Bio-Clean is a must have.
But it doesn’t stop there. The kitty litter box. That’s right.  Bio-Clean will do its magic and eliminate those nasty odors that any cat owner knows all too well. Now let’s move outdoors. Do you own a boat or an RV You’re going to love the results after using Bio-Clean. It will work to restore the holding tank capacity and eliminate odors.
Bio-Clean has a place in the commercial world also. The food service industry can see significant cost savings by using Bio-Clean in grease traps. When used on a continual basis, it will eat the grease and eliminate the need for expensive pump-outs. Bio-Clean can even be used in portable toilets. Odors can be significantly reduced as the waste are transposed into water and  carbon dioxide by Bio-Clean.