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No-Pain: Bio-Clean's Got the Drain

Maybe it was Thanksgiving; the whole family was coming over and everything was going down the garbage disposal at a rapid pace. You flip the switch for the garbage disposal and you watch in disbelief as the food scraps swirl around in the sink seeming to grow. Okay, so this problem needs to be dealt with immediately, and it involves cleaning the gunk out of the pipes. But this is not what this story is about. It’s about not letting it happen again.

Bio-Clean is a drain cleaner which makes it a great preventative. Regular use will keep the disposal free of build-up. The bacteria in Bio-Clean continually eat the waste that has accumulated, even grease that you may have inadvertently poured down the sink. In our Thanksgiving story, it may all have been prevented if there hadn’t been build-up in the disposal and drain.

You may have also noticed an odor when you stand near the sink that is anything but pleasant. It turns out that that rotting waste build-up is causing those bad smells. Bio-Clean will eliminate these odors as it eats the waste.

There’s no need to be concerned about using Bio-Clean safely in the kitchen. Bio-Clean contains no harmful chemicals; it is totally natural.